The Busy Mom Retreat: Direction Focus

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The Busy Mom Retreat: Direction Focus


The Busy Mom Retreat is designed to help moms carve out space in their busy lives to rest, reflect, and spend time with God. We’ll start the retreat by taking stock of where we are. During the second week, we’ll reflect on our identity. We’ll end the retreat by asking and listening to see if there might be anything particular that God is inviting us to be or do in this season of life. In all of that, the retreat is designed to provide opportunities for you to spend time alone with God, sometimes simply resting in God’s presence. It’s about being more than doing, about reflecting more than acquiring information.

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The Direction Focus is designed for those who want to go deeper by meeting with a spiritual director during the retreat. The spiritual direction session will be a space for you

With the Direction Focus of this retreat, you will receive:

  • Weekly Spiritual Practices delivered to your inbox

  • Email access to a Spiritual Director to answer any questions and pray for you.

  • Weekly Journal Prompts

  • Daily emails of a verse and a very short reflection during the second week of the retreat focusing on identity


  • Access to a Weekly Evening Prayer Video

  • Access to the weekly spiritual practices in audio form

  • A one-hour spiritual direction session via online video conferencing

If this sounds good, but you’d like a bit more, check out the Connection Focus. If you would like a bit less, look at the Reflection Focus. All three options run at the same time and use the same themes, but offer different levels of involvement.