What Others Have Said...

I’ve had the privilege of hearing Julianne speak on several occasions, mostly during Sunday morning worship settings.
Julianne is gifted speaker. Her messages are focused thoughtful and insightful. She speaks with clarity when presenting, which makes it easy to stay attentive when she is speaking.
— Edith Sinnema, member of Fellowship CRC, Edmonton, Alberta
Julianne is most interesting to hear. She explains scripture clearly with practical applications and examples. She is friendly and very approachable. We were very pleased to have had her lead our retreat.
— Cindy from Colorado
Julianne is a rare type of pastor whose sermons are deeply profound and reflect a thorough, well-informed understanding of scripture, yet she is careful not to talk over anyone’s head. She always manages to captivate my attention for the duration of her message, leaving me with thoughts and questions for quite some time after. Her talks are personable and come from a place of humility, illustrating Julianne’s gifts of eloquently teaching the Word and connecting with people.
— Ryleigh Jacobs, King's University Student from South Africa
Julianne is a beautiful communicator of God’s love and delight in his people. She graciously shared personal stories that enhanced her presentation.
— A retreat participant in Colorado
When I had the opportunity to listen to Julianne Gilchrist speak, I was struck by her remarkable ability to present biblical truths with transparency, humility and tremendous insight. Her teaching had a liturgical quality that invited us to experience God in a methodical, unique and meaningful way. I am grateful for Julianne’s clear instruction of a number of practical and historical approaches to engage in daily worship. These practices have become foundational in being able experience God’s presence in a world that is profoundly broken.
— Renee Kukucha, Retreat Participant, Lethbridge, Alberta
Julianne Gilchrist blended beautifully with Colorado’s magnificent Rocky Mountains during the October retreat sponsored by First Presbyterian Church of Fort Collins. Rugged mountains, their peaks glistening with the whitest snow, portrayed the wonder of our Lord. In joyous harmony with our Father’s creation, Julianne shared life stories, scripture, and the invitation to come to the Lord, freely and with open arms. Blessed by her warm heart, lively spirit, abiding faith, and powerful messages we were touched by the Holy Spirit and Christ our savior. We walked into the world inspired, invigorated and renewed.
— Carol Alford First Presbyterian Church Fort Collins, Colorado