Retreat Speaking...

My hope when I speak at retreats is that space would be created for people to encounter God.  I love to see people inspired by God’s Word and hope their capacity for imagining God’s love and action in their lives and the world would expand.  

I am available to speak 3-4 times per retreat and will collaborate with you on the theme and scripture selections.  I can also lead a session of spiritual practices during the weekend and/or be available for one-on-one meetings with participants.


Fees are determined on a case by case basis, but will include all travel and accommodation expenses, as well as an honorarium.  Please contact me for more information.

Retreat Theme Ideas:

  • Rooted!
    • What does it look like to be rooted in Christ?  How can we flourish as Christians?  This retreat reflects on Jeremiah 17:5-8 and explores themes of identity, lament, and blessing others.  
  • Come to the Water: Reflections on Isaiah 55
    • In a culture where purpose is found in what we produce and how busy we are,  the invitation of Isaiah for "all who are thirsty" to "come to the water" speaks to some of our deepest needs.  As we reflect on the calls to rest and delight during this retreat, we will remember who we are and whose we are. 
  • Calling
    • We worship a God who calls us, despite our fears, our shame, and our perceived inadequacies, to bear His image and further His Kingdom wherever we are.  How can we live this calling in our daily lives?  How do we position ourselves to better perceive what God might be doing in and around us?  How does living into our identity as God’s children free us to respond to God’s invitations and interruptions?  We’ll wrestle with these questions as we consider the beauty and mystery of answering God’s calling in our lives.
  • One WHOLE Day
    • This one day retreat focuses on what it means to be whole people--people who love God with all of our hearts, souls, strength, and minds, and love our neighbours as ourselves. 
  • A Bountiful Harvest: A Closer Look at Joseph's Story
    • As we reflect on Joseph's life, we'll discover rich themes that intersect our lives.  During this retreat, we'll explore calling, pain, forgiveness, and hospitality.