31 Days of Thanks, Days 3-9

This week I’m thankful…

October 3


For the chance to sip a chai latte while chatting with other Hope*Writers who live in Edmonton. For new friendships, for pursuing our passions, for laughing at the complexities of technology, for learning new things.

Oct 4


For the chance to ignore the laundry pile and the dirty dishes for a few minutes and sit down to knit while I listen to my kids’ laughter mingle with the music playing on the speakers. For the feel of soft yarn in my fingers, the satisfaction of progress, the picking up again of a long dormant hobby.

Oct. 5


For a massage. For taking care of ourselves. For physical touch. For the ways our bodies remind us that sometimes it’s by pressing into painful places that invites opening up, releasing, healing.

Oct. 6


For the Larch trees displaying their beauty. For a game of tag in a hedge maze. For pushing through the complaints to get out the door for a family adventure. For the moment I realized the grey clouds had rolled away to reveal patches of blue sky. For bags of salty chips and cold ice tea on the drive home. For breakfast crepes for dinner.

Oct. 7


For a pot of soup ready to be ladled into bowls on a crisp evening. For the satisfaction of finishing work in the yard. For worshiping with a community we have grown to love. For the reminder that giving thanks is tied with hope.

Oct. 8 (Thanksgiving)


For a cozy day inside. For flour and sugar that dust our counter as we follow recipes handed down to us. For making a sour cream apple pie that reminds me of friends far away and hot rolls that remind me of my great grandmother. For little hands that are eager to help, dumping cups of flour and teaspoons of cinnamon into the mixing bowl.

Oct. 9


For quiet spaces. For cups of strong coffee. For a blank page and the discipline of putting words on paper. For another being willing to share her story with me. For those little moments of being sure that God has been working.