31 Days of Thanks, Days 24-31

I have fallen behind a bit, but I am still seeking to give thanks for something each day.

This week, I am thankful…

Oct. 30


For my Grammie whose birthday is today. For the years of unconditional love she has given us. For the socks and the sweaters and hats she has knit to keep us warm. For her spirit and spunk.

Oct. 29


For the excitement of carving pumpkins. For seeing ideas take life. For mistakes providing opportunities for something new. For pumpkin seeds roasting in the oven.

Oct. 28


For that feeling when the sermon has been preached and a lazy Sunday afternoon stretches before you. For the kids spending hours playing Lego on the living room floor. For the quilt and the book and the good cup of coffee.

Oct. 27


For the process of sermon writing. For learning from the scholarship and insights of others. For moments of discovery. For seeing the text come alive. For all of the doubts and questions and curiosities that push me to dig deeper. For a husband who is willing to read first drafts.

Oct. 26


For homemade costumes. For creativity. For glue guns and sparkly tape. For the freedom to rip apart old dresses and cut up a salvaged pair of shoes to create something new. For little witches and bats and ninjas giggling down the street on the way to the school Halloween Party.

Oct. 25


For the way that play-doh helped soothe an angry kid. For the creativity she displays. For the gift of laughter after tears.

Oct. 24


For being inspired by my 9 year old to read more books. For a library that allows me to put books on hold and schedule them to be picked up on certain dates. For a long list of books I want to read. For making time to read just for the pure enjoyment of it.