31 Days of Thanks, Days 17-23

This week, I am thankful…

Oct. 22


For the life, ministry, and words of Eugene Peterson. For the first time I, young and new to ministry, ever picked up one of his books and felt my soul resonate with his words. For the way his presence shaped the ethos of Regent, even after he left. For watching today as friends try to put into words the ways that he has influenced them. For the way that both joy and sadness can fill us up in the same instant. For believing that this gentle pastor now knows as he is known.

Oct. 21


For a neighbour taking a risk, asking for connection. For the gift of homemade muffins. For watching my daughter meet someone new with confidence. For sitting in the sun at a park as bits of stories are shared.

Oct. 20


For waking into a day with dramatic skies, reminding me of the beauty of each morning. For studying. For ripping apart an old dress to create new Halloween costumes. For friends volunteering to babysit so we could have a date night.

Oct. 19


For this little guy. For his kindness and his generous heart. For the way he is brave enough to tell a story to a stranger, yet tender enough to hold my hand and share his sadness when the stranger was unkind. For the way that he whistles little tunes. For his hugs and snuggles that are so tight I sometimes can’t breathe.

Oct. 18


For fresh baked bread. For the rhythm of kneading dough. For the power of yeast, working, rising through the warm, dark, unsuspecting flour and oil. For the sweet aroma that greets you when you walk in the front door. For the reminder of the gift of daily bread, life-sustaining nourishment that fills our bellies and our souls.

Oct. 17


For a day warm enough to sit outside. For a little boy who provided us both with “microphones” so we could sing as we sat in the sun. For the feeling of cool playground sand on my bare feet.