31 Days of Thanks, Days 10-16

I’m continuing to find moments each day to give thanks. Here are the gifts I’m gathering this week…

I’m giving thanks….

Oct. 10


For 5 year olds filled with awe as fire fighters show them around the fire hall and let them climb on the trucks. For the fire fighters who risk their lives on a regular basis for the safety of others. For their families who release them each day to uncertainty. For the conversation with our kids where we remind them that they are more important to us than all of the stuff in our house, that if our house were on fire we would always choose them, every time, over anything else, to rescue.

Oct. 11


For a parade of kids marching from the school to our house. For an entryway filled with boots. For being able to say, “yes, of course they are welcome to come, too.” For a house so loud with kids’ laughter and play that I had to hide in my closet to listen to a voicemail message. For a space that isn’t impressive and never spotless, but always willing to teach me more about what hospitality looks like.

Oct. 12


For a trip to a museum. For wonder and creativity. For things that draw our gaze upwards or invite us to see things differently. For the pieces of our Collective Story and the people who went before us who inspire us with their innovation, courage, and grit. For the willingness to admit that not every chapter of our past is good, for the courage to try to be better, to do the hard work of reconciliation.

Oct. 13


For long distance phone calls. For reconnecting. For those friends who just get you. For words of encouragement. For celebrating with others.

Oct. 14


For brand new pens. For simple pleasures. For warmer weather. For board games with my kids.

Oct. 15


For bundling the youngest under a quilt in the wagon and going for a walk. For games of tag in the front yard. For making space to play together.

Oct. 16


For learning opportunities. For the details falling into place. For last minute childcare. For workshops. For catching up with those I haven’t seen in a few months. For being encouraged by others.