Book Review AND Giveaway

When I was in high school, I wore a black-watch plaid skirt to school every day. I didn't do it because I was socially awkward (I mean, I may have been, but that's not the reason I wore the skirt).  Nor did I do it to make a point.  I wore the same style plaid skirt to school every day because it was my school uniform.  But, let me tell you, as much as I loved not having to choose a different outfit each day, I certainly shed that skirt as soon as I got home from school each afternoon.  

Bethany Winz wore the same dress every day for a year when she was in high school. Not just on weekdays: Every. Day. She even wore it camping.  She tells her story in the book One Dress. One Year: One Girl's Stand Against Human Trafficking. 

Bethany and I are part of a Facebook group for bloggers, and she recently invited members to review her new book.  AND...she is giving away a signed copy to one of you

But there’s a whisper of fear in my heart. It’s a question I don’t have the courage to ask myself. Am I really loveable?
— Bethany Winz

In One Dress. One Year. Bethany writes the story of how she started out ready to make a difference and ended up growing in the process.  She captures well the voice and perspective of a teenage girl, and I think this book would be a good pick for the young women in your life.  

She writes with authenticity about her struggles and doubts, making this story so much bigger than just one girl's experience.  Some of the circumstances she finds herself in are uniquely hers, but the questions they prompt are ones we all wrestle with, at some level. 

The book is also filled with facts about human trafficking and information about organizations that are working to stop trafficking.  Did you know, for example, that "There are two million children worldwide in the commercial sex trade" (p. 76)?  Two.  Million.  And that number doesn't include the children who are trafficked for other businesses.  Or the women and men who are trafficked.

In a few weeks I'll be writing more about human trafficking and another woman who, like Bethany, had the courage to respond to what she heard about modern day slavery.  Women like this, women who act, who step out with courage, are the types of women I want my daughters to notice. 

If you would like to win a signed copy of One Dress. One Year. simply leave a comment below.  I'll draw a name out of a hat in one week from today.