Friday Favourites: Daily Prayer Resources

In light of Tuesday's post about silence, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite resources for daily prayer.

Let's be honest, though. Before you picture me sippng my cup of tea, enjoying quiet moments of blissful prayer every day, remember that a) I have three littles who often always want my attention and b) I'm a bit...well...let's just say that I spent a lot more time on social media than I should.

Nevertheless, there are a few resources that I love on those days that I manage to carve the space to use them.

1. Seeking God's Face


This little book invites you into silence, prayer, and reflection on scripture.  Each day has a Psalm, a passage of scripture, and a few suggestions of prayer themes.  It asks you to read scripture slowly, pausing to take note of what stands out to you.  I love it because it is short enough to do on those mornings when we are rushed, but flexible enough to offer longer times of prayer and meditation



Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals 

This book is designed to be used in group settings, rather than alone, though I have found it valuable in both settings. It was written with voices from many denominations and is a gift to all denominations. The morning prayers offer scripture reading, silence, a reflection, and a chance to pray specifically for others. At the end of the time, you are sent off with a blessing--one of my favourite blessings out there!


3. Podcast: Pray As You Go

If reading is not your thing, this is a great podcast.  It does much of what the two books above do, except in a lovely British accent.  Produced by Jesuit Media Initiatives, it's designed to be "a framework for your own prayer." Each podcast is about 10 minutes long and incorporates music, scripture reading, and questions for reflection.  Each day has a new podcast, and you can subscribe through iTunes.  


Do you have any resources that you have found helpful to create space for prayer and reflection?